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Annual Reports

An annual publication that public corporations must provide to shareholders to describe their operations and financial conditions. The front part of the report often contains an impressive combination of graphics, photos and an accompanying narrative, all of which chronicle the company's activities over the past year. The back part of the report contains detailed financial and operational information.
An annual report can give you a lot of important information about a company. When you’re a regular stockholder, the company sends you its annual report. If you’re not already a stockholder, contact the company’s shareholder service department for a hard copy.

Why choose SV Enterprises for your annual reports?

Our annual reports and high-end corporate identification materials can be printed with many different color formats, sizes and styles. Our superior quality annual reports will be a positive reflection of your company image. Our experience have enabled us to provide the best possible quality printing with a specific attention to detail that won't be found anywhere else. Be sure and request a sample of an annual report we have recently printed.

  • We print on the best available inks
  • We can print as many annual reports as you need
  • We can recommend the perfect paper stock
  • Our reports are easy to read, accurate and engaging
  • Add special finishes and binding for added professionalism
  • Brand-strengthening layouts
  • Compelling images
  • Designs that reflect the culture of your organization


Our Features

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding, also known as soft cover binding, is much like paper back novel binding. A strong adhesive is used to glue the pages in place by attaching them to a soft cover. When finished, Perfect Binding creates a clean professional look with a flat spine.

Saddle Stitched Binding

We offering best service of annual report printing and binding. Saddle Stitch Binding is a technique that holds loose printed, folded, and nested pages with staples or stitches at the center of the fold (the spine). Saddle Stitch is amongst the easiest and popular types of binding.

Wire Binding

Bound with continuous hinge of double loops of wire to hold the book together. This look is widely used among graphic designers because it provides a stylish and professional metal finish. This technique holds pages so they can't be altered without de-binding the book.